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The Extraordinary Consciousness of an Ordinary Man

The Extraordinary Consciousness of an Ordinary Man

Condition: Used - Good

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  • Condition Note: no pen/pencil marks


About the Book:

THE KNOWLEDGE WITHIN US AND THE KNOWLEDGE AROUND US FORMS OUR CONSCIOUSNESS. It was a simple question asked by a stranger on a flight from New York to Mumbai that sees the beginning of a fantastical journey for a young advertising executive. An unknown Himalayan yogi mysteriously appears and teaches him an intense and forgotten yoga which he practices sincerely in the loud and bustling Mumbai city. But the yoga unleashes a power so profound that he plunges into a bizarre madness and falls into the clutches of the fabled Hindu goddess of illusion Maya devi. His only way out of this mythical insanity is to dive deep into the knowledge and mystical lives of his Hindu ancestors who walked the earth in a very distant past. He is plagued by doubt, rattled by chaos and teased by hope. Will the young yogi be subdued by Maya devi's countless confusions or will she lift her veil and grant him a consciousness that is extraordinary?
  • Author: Roy
  • Publisher: NotionPress
  • Language: English
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781945400155

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