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Picture Perfect Prescription: An Easy Program to Feeling Younger, Healthier, Sexier, and More Energetic

Picture Perfect Prescription: An Easy Program to Feeling Younger, Healthier, Sexier, and More Energetic

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  • Condition Note: no pen/pencil marks, WITH CD


About the Book:

From the bestselling author of Dr. Shapiro's Picture Perfect Weight Loss 30 Day Plan comes an easy-to-use guide to bet-ter health and a more active life. This revolutionary new lifestyle plan shows how people who feel tired, depressed, and run down can make basic, important changes to ensure a longer, happier, more vibrant life. Look younger, feel sexi-er, and create a whole new outlook. Shed those annoying extra pounds, have more energy, become more active and vital. This is not a diet book, or an overly aggressive diet plan, but an exciting, invigorating, scientifically based, and, most of all, effective foundation for living life to its fullest-and longest!
A four-point program: chill, move, eat, connect... Stop the clock on aging with Dr. Shapiro's four-point program based on the latest research. In just eleven days-you'll dis-cover the sources of energy renewal as you take control of your stress... break the pattern of yo-yo dieting and enter into a new relationship with food... learn to engage actively with the world... and move off square one and on to regular, habitual exercise at long last. Result? You won't just live longer; you'll live better.
Here's what you'll get from this program:
  • Reduce stress instantly-quick-acting techniques that stop stress before it stops you.
  • Restore your youthful appearance by discovering the secrets of age-defying techniques.
  • Create new connections to faith, friends, and family-which research has proven to boost your immune system.
  • A weight-loss program that trains your brain to choose the right foods-Dr. Shapiro's menus, meals, and recipes, with the new Picture Perfect Prescription Pyramid.
  • Breakthrough exercise-dare-to-be-fit lifestyle exercises, yoga, Pilates, tai chi, core-fusion, body rolling, and weight training.
  • Author: Dr. Howard Shapiro
  • Publisher: Chamberlain Bros
  • Language: English
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9781596090521

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