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NYC Classified Memories: Of Love, Life & All the Four Seasons… a Bite of the Big Apple.

NYC Classified Memories: Of Love, Life & All the Four Seasons… a Bite of the Big Apple.

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About the Book:

Matrimonial advertisements symbolize the hopes of every youth of marriageable age. The anxiety, fear, nonchalance and aspirations of the prospective bride and groom form an array of human interest stories in NYC Classified Memories by Annette Gonsalves, Retd. Sr. Manager of the Classifieds Ads. Dept. at India Abroad Publications, NYC. It clinches her observations from a first-hand account of the horror of 9/11, through the nostalgic, true love stories of advertisers who gladly shared their experiences with her. Coupled with the flamboyant Indian festivals and seasonal events that unfolded in NYC, each story is unique and grips the reader with the mystic aura of India blending in with the potpourri of America.

“NYC Classified Memories brings alive a personal appraisal of Indian Americans in their quest to find a life partner. The easy flow of thoughts, with a humorous twist and mind-boggling trivia grips the reader from page one.” - Sr. Maisie P. Psol, Retd. Principal, Divine Child High School, Mumbai.

“NYC Classified Memories puts together a truly unique and fascinating compilation of vignettes from the newspaper India Abroad. Anyone who has ever read it will fondly remember Annette's weekly column of funny, thoughtful and poignant stories wonderfully preserved for posterity in this charming book, for an even wider audience, as long as people live, laugh and love!” - J. Gallentine, Ads. Exec., Bulletin Board, India Abroad, NYC.

“The insight into human nature in this book is relatable across all ethnicities. Learning about Annette’s observations on the Indian cultural rituals and traditions makes one realize that we are all so much more alike than dissimilar. This manuscript was a joy to read.” - J. Monroe, Educator, NYC.
  • Author: Annette Gonsalves
  • Publisher: Notion Press 
  • Language: English
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781685097134

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