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Love, Longing And Death : Mystic Stories

Love, Longing And Death : Mystic Stories

Condition: Used - Good

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  • Condition Note: some yellow stains, no pen/pencil marks


About the Book:

Set against the backdrop of the Partition and its social, political and psychological repercussions on the people in India and Pakistan, the stories in Love, Longing and Death take you through the author's journey through the sixty catastrophic years in history from 1947 to 2008. You feel as your own, the agony, pain and trauma of the victims trapped in the holocaust. At times, you sense to have come alive from the horrors of 1947. The book brings you a fresh experience in literature. Amar's stories are woven with mysticism, around forbidden issues in religions, politics, traditions, and the changing human values in the dwindling world. Read him once, and you will read him again.
  • Author: Amar Jaleel
  • Publisher: Promilla
  • Language: English
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9788185002927

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