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In a Dark, Dark Wood

In a Dark, Dark Wood

Condition: Used - Acceptable

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  • Condition Note: Yellowish pages, yellow stains on many pages, no pen/pencil marks, readable condition, binding is intact.


About the Book:
Nora hasn't seen Clare for ten years. Not since the day Nora walked out of her old life and never looked back.

Until, out of the blue, an invitation to Clare’s hen party arrives. A weekend in a remote cottage - the perfect opportunity for Nora to reconnect with her best friend, to put the past behind her.

But something goes wrong.

Very wrong.

And as secrets and lies unravel, out in the dark, dark wood the past will finally catch up with Nora.


  • Author: Ruth Ware
  • Publisher: Vintage
  • Language: English
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781846559594

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