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Easy French Step-By-Step: Master High-Frequency Grammar for French Proficiency--Fast!

Easy French Step-By-Step: Master High-Frequency Grammar for French Proficiency--Fast!

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  • Condition Note: pencil marks on some pages

About the Book:

Learn French step-by-step and soon you'll be making leaps and bounds Your quickest route to learning French is through a solid grounding in grammar basics. Now don't be put off by the "G-word." What you won't find in this book is a lot of repetitive drills. Instead, you get an original, step-by-step approach to learning French based on the way people naturally acquire language.From the very beginning, you are introduced to the most essential structures--allowing you to communicate in French almost immediately. Gradually, through a series of interconnected "steps," you logically progress to more common concepts that govern how French is spoken and written. And along the way you are introduced to hundreds of carefully selected verbs and vocabulary words presented on the basis of how often they are used in everyday French.Guaranteed to get you quickly up and running with the knowledge and skills you need to communicate in French with confidence, Easy French Step-by-Step features:A unique "building-block" approach to mastering essential grammar, verbs, and vocabulary Down-to-earth explanations of important rules and concepts Hundreds of frequently used verbs and key terms a beginner should know Exercises to test what you've learned and measure progress Engaging readings that help you hone your skills in everyday contexts
  • Author: Myrna Bell Rochester
  • Publisher: McGrawHill
  • Language: English
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780071453875

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