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Customer in the Boardroom? (IIM Ahmedabad Business Books)

Customer in the Boardroom? (IIM Ahmedabad Business Books)

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  • Condition Note: yellowish pages. no pen/pencil marks.


About the Book:

The business strategies of most companies in India are marked by the supply-sided, tunnel vision of the market and obsessively competitor-centred approaches. Customer in the Boardroom highlights the need for companies to embed customer centricity into the heart of their business strategy development process, if they are to continue to grow profitably and secure their future.

Rama Bijapurkar presents a compelling treatise on how to develop business strategy around the world of customers rather than the world of competitors. She draws a sharp distinction between the 'market = industry size' and the 'market = customers with needs' bases for developing business strategy.

Replete with anecdotes, examples and cases from India Inc, the book draws on the author's vast experience in consulting and teaching and places equal emphasis on both the theory and the practice of bringing the customer into the boardroom.
  • Author: Rama Bijapurkar
  • Publisher: Random Business; (16 February 2016)
  • Language: English
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780143461302

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